Enchanted Collection

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'Enchanted' is a series of sterling silver, handcrafted jewellery with captivating, mystical stones that shimmer and shine as they catch the light, These 'gifts from the Earth' take us to far away, magical places as we stare into their glittering depths. The labradorescence of Labradorite, with it's silvery sheen that flashes with each turn in the light. Rainbow Moonstone, impersonating a bright blue, cloud laced, summer sky. Welo Opal, with it's myriad of colours that dance in the sun. All created by nature to make the earth a little more enchanting.

Release date to follow.


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Stunning pendant, depicting a midnight garden under the red, blood moon. Handcrafted Rosary chain with red jasper.
Moonstone, heart pendant £75
Beautiful Rainbow Moonstone pendant. Really strong flash. Full London Assay Office hallmark.
Mother of Pearl statement ring
Beautiful mother of pearl, large statement ring. Size P1/2. Full London Assay Office hallmark.
Tree Lover spinner ring £62
Sterling silver spinner ring with a leaf detail on a bark textured spinner. Size R. Full London Assay Office hallmark.
Aquamarine silver earrings £35
'Seascape' Pietersite pendant
Deep red, chunky silver, garnet ring
Labradorite, moon phase pendant
Foliage labradorite pendant £78
Beautiful labradorite 'Foliage'pendant. Sterling silver.
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Part of the Enchanted Collection. Release date coming soon!

How it all began...

Rowan and Roses' Story

My name is Trish. I'm a silversmith from Devon. I make unique jewellery inspired by the Devon countryside. I am surrounded by so many beautiful scenes on a daily basis, it's hard not to incorporate some of these images and ideas into my work, from flowers and trees to wildlife and night skys . I started making jewellery when I was signed off from work as a teaching assistant to care for a family member. While browsing Instagram I discovered some beautiful resin jewellery containing real flowers. I knew I had to have a go, so I ordered some resin and moulds, pressed some flowers and I was away. This soon sparked a need to work with precious metals. I attended a few workshops at Monty's Beads in Exeter (beading, wire wrapping, silver clay and finally silversmithing). From there I had enough knowledge to get me started. I set up a small home studio and started collecting a few tools. The internet is a wonderful thing (sometimes) and I have learnt so much on my own, through my own mistakes and from amazingly helpful people on forums. I am still learning. I don't think any of us ever stop!
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Foliage labradorite pendant £78

Beautiful labradorite 'Foliage'pendant. Sterling silver.

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